Eco Koh Tao are conducting active work and research in many areas at various points throughout the year with our volunteers and internships. Read about some of our projects below!

Coral Restoration

Helping our coral to survive by growing and transplanting.

Artificial Reefs

Building underwater structures to help restoration areas.

Reef Check Surveys

Providing critical data to governments and scientists.

Debris Clean Ups

Cleaning the beaches and dive sites of our trash.


Electrified structures underwater promoting faster coral growth.

Giant Clams

Raising a importance species in our secret clam nurseries.

Water Testing

Collecting water quality sampling for global database.

Mooring Buoys

Maintenance and deployment of lines to prevent anchoring.

Adopt A Coral

Coral adoption program for anyone to get involved with.

Predation Monitoring

Monitor and control program of Crown of Thorns and Drupella.

Coral Watch

Citizen science assessing coral health by colour.

Net Removals

Removing discarded fishing nets that cause damage to coral reefs.

Marine Conservation Courses

A range of diving courses focusing on all aspects of marine conservation.

Marine Conservation Internships

From 1 week to 3 months. Take an internship to expand your theory into practice. 

PADI Scuba Diving Courses

Learn to dive, or advance your skills with more dive courses to improve your knowledge .

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