Artificial Reefs

Building underwater structures

Artificial reefs are a great way of helping restore coral reefs from damage or climate change. Using a range of steel and concrete with only our creative minds being the limit, we have created many structures for our artificial dive site called Junkyard. 

Junkyard has been one of the success stories of reef restoration, research and artificial reef development on Koh Tao.  We are continually expanding the site for diver enjoyment and marine research.

Junkyard Facts

* In development for over a decade.
* Built in a sandy lifeless area, is now home to 1000’s of creatures.
* Has over 1000 coral transplants and natural settlements.
* Featured in a number of TV documentaries .
* Continued marine research.



Get involved

Take a Marine conservation course to get more in depth knowledge of artificial coral reefs.

Artificial Reef Mazu