adopt a coral

Transplant your own coral

Starting in 2017, Eco Koh Tao created the Adopt A Coral program, where divers and non divers are able to sponsor a coral transplant and help us to continue restoring our coral reefs, but with an interaction with their own adopted coral.

With a multi-tiered subscription to Patreon, you can get updates on your coral adoption every quarter with a photo of the individual and its growth rate.

The transplant portion of this program is not available all year as we do not transplant corals unless the environmental conditions are optimal but the data collection is ongoing. 

Coral Transplant Facts

* We use “corals of opportunity” for transplanting, meaning that we look for broken pieces of coral in the sand that have no chance of surviving without our intervention.
* Using a variety of species helps to keep a diverse ecosystem..
* Transplants from our coral nurseries end up on artificial structures .
* Survival rates of our coral adoptions is more than 90% year on year.



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