clam nurseries

Natural water filtering

For the past few years, Koh Tao has been the recipient of approximately 1000 – 1500 juvenile giant clams each year for the development and improvement of our reefs.

Many of these have been placed in protective cages for a year and are around 1-3 years old when received. After a year of care these clams are transplanted on designated reefs under Koh Tao’s ‘Adopt-a-Reef’ program. 

Coral Facts

* The largest Giant Clam was over 6ft in length.
* Giant Clams are able to self reproduce.
* Giant Clams can survive for more than 100 years.
* Giant Clams can produce 500 million eggs at once.
* Clams are threatened by over harvesting for food or decorative reasons.



Get involved

Take a Marine conservation course to get more in depth knowledge of Giant Clams.