Eco Internship


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* Stay a while, or stay longer !
* Take part in our current projects.
* Immersed in the day to day marine conservation efforts.
* Get full knowledge of ongoing and upcoming projects.
* Research opportunities.

Eco Internships are designed to help newly certified Eco-divers put their training into practice in a real life environment and see how the theory translates into practice.

Marine conservation is of increasing importance and educated dive leaders and resource managers will be in greater demand.

Eco internships are increasingly important for divers looking to gain employment in the diving community and looks impressive on your resume. As an Eco-Intern you’ll be involved in the day to day operations of Eco Koh Tao putting your training into practice in any number of ways.

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Eco Internship

2 week Internship, 4 week Internship, 6 Week Internship