Coral adoption project

teala – w3

Good growth and strong colour dictate a good future for this coral transplant. It has suffered damage from divers or marine life but what remains looks healthy and is growing well.

Adopted by:

Matt Spiess

Transplant Date:

7th May 2017

Photo Date: 7th July 2017

Measurement: 21cm x 12cm

Photo Date: 17th Jan 2018

Measurement: 25cm x 22cm

Photo Date: 18th Apr 2018

Measurement: 32cm x 25cm

Photo Date: 17th Aug 2018

Measurement: 39cm x 20cm

Photo Date: 13th Dec 2018

Measurement: 47cm x 30cm

Photo Date: 23rd May 2020

Measurement: 43cm x 24cm

Photo Date: 13th July 2021

Measurement: 39cm x 23cm

Photo Date: 24th Apr 2019

Measurement: 58cm x 27cm

Photo Date: 5th October 2020

Measurement: 44cm x 27cm

Photo Date: 23rd July 2019

Measurement: 40cm x 40cm

Photo Date: 15th Jan 2021

Measurement: 44cm x 26cm

Photo Date: 21st Oct 2019

Measurement: 25cm x 22cm

Photo Date: 15th Apr 2021

Measurement: 34cm x 27cm