Coral adoption project

nitish – p4

We have taken the decision to not measure the corals anymore as we will only be damaging coral if we try to get into the area. An overall photograph showing the growth of the Panda corals will still be taken.

Adopted by:

Yvonne Fu

Transplant Date:

1st May 2016

Photo Date: 17th Jan 2018

Measurement: 8cm x 10cm

Photo Date: 18th Apr 2018

Measurement: 30cm x 12cm

Photo Date: 17th Aug 2018

Measurement: 28cm x 10cm

Photo Date: 13th Dec 2018

Measurement: 29cm x 10cm

Photo Date: 24th Apr 2019

Measurement: 29cm x 10cm

Photo Date: 25th Oct 2020

Measurement: 39cm x 14cm

Photo Date: 23rd July 2019

Measurement: 34cm x 12cm

Photo Date: 15th Jan 2021

Measurement: 34cm x 13cm

Photo Date: 21st Oct 2019

Measurement: 35cm x 9cm

Photo Date: 15th Apr 2021

Measurement: None taken

Photo Date: 23rd May 2020

Measurement: 32cm x 9cm

Photo Date: 13th July 2021

Measurement: None taken