Eco Internships are designed to help newly certified Eco-divers put their training into practice in a real life environment and see how the theory translates into practice.


Marine conservation is of increasing importance and educated dive leaders and resource managers will be in greater demand. At Eco Koh Tao we hope to prepare divers to become those leaders of the future to ensure the survival of this important resource.


Eco internships are increasingly important for divers looking to gain employment in the diving community and looks impressive on your resume. As an Eco-Intern you’ll be involved in the day to day operations of Eco Koh Tao putting your training into practice in any number of ways.




Your eco internship will be tailored to your level of training, experience and general level of confidence.


During the internship you could be involved in any of our many projects, depending on what needs attention at the time, so we can’t say that we'll just be building coral reefs or just be working on coral nurseries. It is usually quite varied and dependent on needs at the time.


Often we are required for 'emergency' relief where there are fishing nets caught on reefs or sights that have been broken so these take priority.


As part of our internship program we usually do 5 days of training/internship and have a coupe of days break (a bit like a weekend which is rare for us on a tropical island).


During these 'days off' you are free to join our dive partner Crystal Dive on their regular dive trips (they do 2 per day) as long as you have some conservation goal in mind and you have a buddy; but with the amount of divers around a buddy is not hard to find.


This allows you to dive for free essentially on your days off as long as you are doing some Coralwatch Surveys or other activities we can/may prescribe.


These would not be guided but you'll be pretty well oriented within a few days of being with us.


On Koh Tao, for anyone interested, the Divemaster program can be done comfortably in a month and meshes well with our Eco Programs.


Sample Activities:


1. Build additions to our own in-house artificial reef.

2. Conduct Project Aware Coralwatch surveys on selected sights

3. Assist on subsequent eco courses

4. Conduct Reef Check Surveys


Input data pertaining to numerous research projects including:

-Reef Check Data

-Coralwatch Data

-Green Fins Reef Watch Data

-Whale Shark Sightings

-Turtle Sightings

-Respond to environmental emergencies (e.g Fishing nets, grounded boats etc.)

-Replace and repair mooring buoys and roped off snorkelling areas.

-Plant giant clams when ready on surrounding reefs from our Giant Clam nursery

-Transplant artificially propagated coral colonies to natural reefs



Eco-Internships are available for all certified divers who want to develop their practical knowledge of marine conservation and get involved.


1 Week - 7,500 THB
2 Weeks - 14,500 THB
3 Weeks - 21,500 THB
4 Week - 28,500 THB


All of our Eco-Interns have access to....

  • Help out on Marine Conservation Projects
  • Free diving on spare days*
  • 15% discount on all dive gear equipment in our retail store.
  • 15% discount on specialty courses and further training**
  • PADI Coral Reef Conservation Certification***

Prerequisites: Minimum Open Water Diver (preferably Advanced Open Water Diver)
Opportunity to upgrade to full Ecodiver and Marine Conservation Specialist
* Maximum 2 dives per day (Not including night dives)
**Excluding professional level training
***Applicable to 3 & 4 week interns only


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